We want to thank the Voo Doo King Car Club and their Friends for the Food, Supply and Fund Drive they held to help the Shelter.  They raised $560.00!  We appreciate the generosity and caring.  The drive through they did with all the old cars and trucks was fun! More pictures of can be seen on the TLC Facebook page check under albums to see the cars and more pics of the cub members.  Once again we wish to thank  all the members of the Voo Doo Kings and their friends for their generosity

Last reorder of the TLC spring/summer Shirts. Colors below CUT OFF ORDERING DATE JUNE 5th


TLC WISH LIST as of  5/14/2018

The shelter is in need of:
Heavy Duty Mop heads

O Cedar heavy duty angler brooms 

Gift certificates Home Depot or Menards for  shelter repairs and supplies  memory chips for taking videos ours are  getting pretty worn out from all of the  pics and videos we take of the critters

heavy duty mop heads

Scrubbing Bubbles

Our cupboards are filled with food which we are very thankful for, but if you would like to help, we can always use money to cover animal medical bills and medications.  Thank you!  We are also good on towels and blankets and throw rugs at this time


We want to thank Dr. Mary Ellen Hoye and her staff for raising $1,000.00 with the oral cancer awareness month fundraiser they held to raise money to help the animals at the TLC Animal Shelter. We are very grateful for the donation that will help a numerous animals receive the care they need while awaiting adoption at TLC. Dr. Hoye pictured on the left


We can make a difference, Adopt, donate, spay/neuter and spread the word.  Working together we can change their futures
 one life at a time.