Debra Piggott is also sponsoring Landon a 2 year old mixed black lab and Mama a 2 year old terrier mix, thank you so much.  When you look at Landon you will see what a sweet wonderful dog he is, but upon closer inspection you will see ha has several scars on him.  He has not had the best of life's but you can change all of that if you open up your heat and home to him.  He will be a very devoted companion to the lucky family that adopts him.

Mama has not had a good life either.  Her left hind leg had been broken and left to heal on its own.  She has a knob where it has healed and does not use the leg much although she does not seem to be in pain when the leg is manipulated.  We are taking her in to see what can be done for the leg, and will keep you informed.  She has a wonderful gentle disposition and just wants to be close to you.  UPDATE ON MAMA
after she was taken in to the vet we learned that she had been shot in the leg  and left to heal on its own the bones in the leg fused so she cannot bend that leg.  The leg is not causing her any pain so we were told just to let it go.



This is no life for any animal

Living on a chain isn't a life for any animal.  Cold, hungry and oh so lonely.  There is a water bowl but it doesn't take water long to freeze in this cold weather.  For anyone thinking of getting a dog  just to let it live like this, just imagine yourself in this situation.  Living 24/7 like this....so cold, no nice bed to lay on, no warm house to get out of the nasty weather and did they remember to feed you today?   Perhaps the worst is no human companionship.  Just left to suffer on the end of a chain for life if you can call that living!


Bertha Fund in need of help

The Bertha Fund is in need of help!

The fund was a tribute to the beutiful dog pictured here.  Bertha was not pregnant, this was a horrendous final stage of heartworm that made her appear as if she were.  By the time she was brought to TLC it was beyond any glimmer of hope to save her, as hard as we had tried.  In her memory the Bertha Fund was created so we could help other enimals in need of more extensive medical care.   The Bertha Fund is made up of donations from kind, caring people like you.  Whatever you are able to donate would be grately appreciated.  Medical bills for the animals were at an all time high this year, and there are more coming in that need extra veterinary care.  Please help our Bertha Fund so we can continue to help these animals.

 Donations may be made through PayPal, please make a notation Bertha Fund
or phoned in and placed on a credit card if you wish: 708-301-1594
or mailed to: TLC Animal Shelter, 13016 West 151st Street, Homer Glen, Illinois, 60491 

Thank you