Rose sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

Sharon Kadlec is sponsoring Rose, a "beautiful girl waiting for a loving home".  Rose is a small sized female dachshund mix.   She is house trained and is good with kids.


Rescue dogs as "four-legged rock stars"

Most of the dogs in the video are rescues and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the video will go towards animal rescue.

Pretty girl sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

Waiting for a forever home and a name you pick to call me by

Sharon Kadlec is sponsoring this sweet female terrier mix.


dogs & puppies arriving 10/2

Sedrick is one of the dogs arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Happy ending for Jinxie (formerly Tory)

I just wanted to send big thank you. I adopted Tory the Siamese cat from your shelter. i really don't think that was his real name because he never responded to it. So I gave him a new name Jinxie and guess what i think he hated the name tory.
because when i call jinxie he come's running. Read full story

dogs & puppies arriving 9/28

Sallie Sue is one of the dogs that will be arriving Tuesday 9/28 from Clay County Humane Society, Brazil, IN


Happy ending for Ozzy


We realized that we have had Ozzie (now Ozzy) for over a year, and never dropped you a line on how he is doing!
We decided that it was time to have a pet join our family, and since my parents adopted their dog from TLC a few years back, I knew where to go to find our new dog.  We had seen a different dog on your website, and decided to go visit.  When we were there looking at him, he didn't feel right to us.  So, we decided to look around for a bit.  Just two cages down, there he was, sad and confused.  Our Ozzy.  I have owned boxers in the past, and I knew he was going to go home with us that day.  So, he did! 

He is our best buddy.  He loves walks, rides in the car, and everyone he meets.  He is our goofball, our pain in the butt, and our 85 lb. bed heater in the winter.  We love him so much.  Thank you TLC!

Sincerely,  Joe and Karin


Golden Opportunity Books will be in this week at TLC

The books will be at the Shelter.  Give us a call at 708-310-1594 make sure they are in before you stop down

These books are packed with money saving coupons for dining, entertainment and shopping.  Many can be used multiple times. The cost per book is $25.00 and they are jam packed with savings!

Great as gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas.

The Shelter gets $7.00 for each book sold, so everybody comes out a winner!


Golden Paw awarded to Alison Tasso

Alison (age 8) donated $10.00 from money she had saved.  She told Volunteer Annie Coleman "Close your eyes and open your hands", then Alison placed the $10.00 in Annie's hands and said it was for the shelter.

Golden Paw awarded to Giana & Dominic Palumbo

A Golden Paw Award goes to Giana (age 6) and Dominic (age 3) for their donation of $28.76 to help the animals at TLC.


Marcie sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine Carter is sponsoring Marcie,  a young female Corgi / Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie mix.  She is so super sweet and much smaller than her photo would lead you to believe.  She is about 18 lbs of pure love!  Marcie is house trained and is great with other dogs and kids.


Golden Paw awarded to Ava Garcia

Ava, 11 years old, has started her own company selling personalized cards and art.  She brought in supplies for the shelter and deserves a Golden Paw award.

Happy ending for Max (formerly Moo)

We adopted Moo (renamed Max) at the end of April. He is doing wonderful (and he has a girlfriend... Blossom).  He is such a loving puppy. We have been truely blessed.

Jackie Johnson


Golden Paw winners Orland Trailblazers

Junior Girl Scout Troop 154 Orland Trailblazers who earned their Bronze Award helping TLC: Eghosa Atoe, Jaimee Bigott, Natalie Campise & Adelina Cesario.


dogs & pups arriving 9/18

Here are a few of the dogs arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.

VIP Meeting 9/18

Our next V.I.P. Meeting is this Saturday September 18, at 10:00 at the Shelter.
Are all of your shots updated and do we have the paper work!!!!  If not please make sure we do. This is very important when taking your dog to ANY place to visit.


Happy ending for Payton (formerly Rena)

Its been long overdue but we just realized that Payton's (formerly Rena) birthday was coming up and figured we should do this to tell everyone how great our dog is!

The day before Labor Day 2009, my boyfriend and I were convinced that we wanted to get a dog, I insisted on adopting a dog and he wanted to do the same. We looked through a thousand and one websites just to get an Idea of what we wanted. It was then that we came across this adorable corgi mix, I instantly said that I needed to see this dog, she looked so perfect. The next day TLC was closed and we had to work. We went to work and that night I couldn't sleep. We woke up extra early the next day and got to the shelter forty minutes early, cause we wanted to make sure she wasn't gone. It seemed like a lifetime long that we waited to go inside. Once in the door, everyone was so warm and welcoming and told us to look around freely. The minute I went through the door to the kennels I kept walking looking for this dog that I saw on the website. My boyfriend found her first. He looked at me and said "Here she is." I hurried down to see her. She didn't bark, whine, or anything. Her tail was going a mile a minute and she had her two front paws on the kennel door, I looked at her and just knew inside that I wouldn't leave without this dog.

There was a very kind lady, and for the life of me I don't remember her name but she was amazing, she put Payton on a leash for us and told us to go ahead and take her outside. She also provided us on some information on where Payton had come from, she explained that she had come from Kentucky, and that she had just had a litter of puppies. I told her that I didn't even need to take her outside something inside me just clicked and I wanted this dog, she giggled and said that's a good feeling isn't it?. I said yes, and she said go ahead and take her out anyway. We came back in and I told the lady that we would take her, she provided us with a pillow for her, a dog dish, a toy, and a training video. She was great. We took Payton home that day, and now we can't imagine how our lives were before we got her. She is a great dog! After Payton, we adopted 2 cats from another animal shelter (Napoleon and Archie), and those are her best buds, she loves them so much. She spends her days watching squirrels out the window with Napoleon and loves to roll on the carpeting with Archie. Payton loves to go running with me, and she loves to take trips to Grandmas (as you can see her in the picture in the blue chair at my Mom's.) As what we are thinking will be her (3rd Birthday) we just wanted to send a special thanks to TLC for truly doing the miracle work for animals. Payton has left a paw print on our lives that will never be removed, and for that we can't thank you enough.



Pawprints News, Summer Issue

The Summer Issue of TLC's print publication, Pawprints News, is now available on the TLC website.

9/11 National Day of Service

MyGoodDeed, which represents the interests of many 9/11 organizations, was the first group to formally call for September 11 to be designated as a federally recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance. Progress was made early when, in 2002, President George W. Bush declared September 11 "Patriot Day" to honor both the victims and heroes of the September 11 attacks, and highlighted the spirit of service by launching USA Freedom Corps. In 2008, President Bush amended the Patriot Day proclamation to specifically include "volunteering" as an appropriate form of remembrance. A year later, the U.S. Congress, in a bi-partisan action, passed the Serve America Act, which for the first time authorized the President of the United States to formally designate 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. President Barack Obama subsequently launched United We Serve, a national service initiative that culminated on September 11, 2009. President Obama amended the Patriot Day proclamation on September 10, 2009, to officially and permanently make 9/11 a National Day of Service and Remembrance, as requested by Congress and the 9/11 community. In 2010, the Corporation for National and Community Service, HandsOn Network and the 9/11 Memorial joined with MyGoodDeed to form a national organizing committee that managed the 9/11 National Day of Service annually.


Happy ending for Tank & Howitzer

My sons wanted to get ferrets for a while and are absolutely head over heals with them and vise verse. Even though they have only been with us for a short while, we can't imagine life without them.

Thank you for the wonderful additions to our family.


Happy ending for Scruffy (formerly Snoopy)

Scruffy has been with us a month now. She had bad fleas and kennel cough when we brought her home and needed a few weeks of medicine and tender loving care. She is now happy and healthy and has adjusted well to her new home. She is such a sweet and affectionate dog and even sleeps with one of the kids! She loves her new playmate, Mocha (our cat). She has such a funny personality and we are very glad to have found her.

Thank you,

Sue, Emma, and Lindsey