They need our help. We want to thank Jean Helt, Sherry Spencer. Laura Creighton, Diane Endebak and Dr. Cindy Endebak for sponsoring Alex and Sammy

These two little guys have not had a very good life and they are just a year old.  They already have scars and w few wounds and the one poor little guy, needs eye surgery to repair or most likely remove his right eye that has suffered a severe injury,  Anything you are able to donate will help in getting them the medical care they need.  Thank you

UPDATE:  Dr. Cindy Endebak performed surgery to remove this little guys eye and also neutered him. Her Mom, Diane Endebak wanted to be part of this team effort to help this little guy. Her husband James Endebak had been a staunch supporter of TLC for years and Dr. Cindy and Diane wanted to continue in James Endebak's memory what he had done for years to help the animals.
We also want to thank Jean Helt,Sherry Spencer and Laura Creighton for their donations to help this little guy and his brother. Working together we can change the lives of these animals one life at a time!


A Boy and his Dog a Happy Ending because of the Freedom RIde

This family waited so patiently for Zilly to arrive.  Zilly we were told was a very quiet dog who seemed reserved and depressed, but the staff where she was worked with her, and said she became quite the meet and greet girl.  Knowing that we asked that Zilly be put on the Freedom Ride so she could find her forever home.  As you can see from the picture it was love at first sight.  Zilly may not have had a chance like this in the overcrowded shelter where she was at.  Your donation to the Freedom Ride Fund can help dogs like Zilly find their forever homes.  We hope we can help other animals make that freedom ride so they can feel the love that Zilly has found in her forever home.