Roxy and her pups need help

Roxy and her pups need help!  We just found out today that Roxy is HW +.  She came in on transport Saturday along with her 6 puppies.  You can see in the picture of Roxy and her puppies, they were living in pathetic conditions.  As a matter of fact the pups were so starved as was Roxy that we found sticks and straw in their stools.  The pups were also filled with parasites, that in their weakened state claimed the lives of 3 of the pups.  The remaining 3 pups are on IV's and everything possible is being done to save them, but it is still touch and go.  Any donations to help with their medical expense and Roxy's heartworm treatment would be greatly appreciated.

We want to thank Catherine Herman, Sally Wagner, Rhonda Humphrey, Jason Grunnmun, Kimberly Lovati, Jean Helt, Sue Kwatt, David and Cassie Warner,  Dawn Aguilar, Rosemary Webster, Judith Tierney, Luanne and Mark Gawron and Raquel and Randy Melendez for donations to help with their care.

UPDATE:  Roxy's pups are much better now.  Pictured below is the Hernadez Family with Roxy.  Cassie in the powder blue raised money from her birthday in order to help Roxy.  It appears that Roxy is giving Cassie a kiss, her way of saying thank you for helping me and my puppies!

UPDATE:  Roxys' pups finally well enough and all thre have gone to their forever homes!  WOO HOO!

Roxy has begun her treatment for HW


TLC's BOW WOW BINGO a big success Thanks Tracy!

TLC's BOW WOW BINGO was a huge success.

Thank you for making this a sell out event!    A special thanks to Tracy Lesmeister for putting the event together and  for all her hard work, and also to Tuccker's Doggie Delights and Trader Magazines for sponsoring the event.  We want to thank all the volunteers that helped make everything run smoothly and to everyone who came.  All in all it was a good night and the grand total the event made was $2,607.00!  Thank you again Tracy!



Golden Paw Award for Chris Norris and Daisy Troop 749

A golden paw goes out to Chris Norris for raising over $40.00 to help the animals at TLC and also for all of the supplies he brought in!  Thanks Chris!

We also want to give a Golden Paw Award goes out to Daisy Troop 749 New Lenox for the supply drive they held at school and collected from family and friends.  They also  donated $60.00 to be used for the care of the animals at TLC.  Thank you!


This weeks video star Sunshine

This weeks video star is Sunshine, who is sure to bring a smile to your face.  He is hoping to find his forever home soon.  Sit back and enjoy!