Golden Paw awarded to Lillian Pislur and Brian Magnoll

Lillian Pislur and Brian Magnoll donated treats and cash to help the animals. You each deserve a Golden Paw.

Golden Paw awarded to Tian and Alison Tasso

A Golden Paw is awarded to these great kids. Tian and Alison ran a lemonade stand for the shelter while  Annie ran her garage sale.


Happy ending for Angle

It had been a little over a year since our Spice Girl passed over the Rainbow Bridge and we had made many trips to TLC to visit the new arrivals and show them some love but we had not decided to get another addition to the family until we stopped by on Dec 23, 2010. All of us were there my son, wife, and myself, and when I went into the cat room there in a top cage was this little black ball of fur, the minute I walked in she started to whine and carry on. We decided to love this one for a couple of minutes and took her into the private room and the son sat on the floor and she crawled right up in his lap and started to lick him all over, even nibbling a little to get a good taste of him. When she came over to me I picked her up and she got very still, but then started to lick and chew on my beard and I knew right then she was something special, I gave her back to my son then thought, and said for him to give her to his mother. She balked and I knew it was rough as Spice's passing was really rough on her, but the second she did take her I could see in her eyes that this was the one, she was going to be our new best friend.

All night she kept on me about leaving that poor thing there over the Christmas holiday and she didn't let up. The first light(5:50 am) on Christmas eve she told me to call and see if she was still there. I knew she was as I told Denny we would more than likely take her. I called as soon as TLC opened and told them we would be out to get her and now she has been with us ever since. Angle's been to Puppy School and was top in her class, was housebroke in 3 weeks and now rules the roost basically. Her best friend is Sally Mae a 3 leg Calico who get mad at her only when she gets licked to much and thought she had a bought with puppy mange we got that under control and she is doing just great. She's now a very happy, spoiled, 45 lb, ball of energy who keeps us all busy but can be so sweet that you can never get mad at her for more than a second or two.

Thanks to all at TLC and for once again helping us find the next love of our lives. The first pic is when she first came home, the other is a couple of days ago and or course the last is her lick toy Sally Mae, who puts up with her.

Video from Sox for Strays

We hope you all like the video Mark Buerhle and his wife
Jamie did for TLC. Of course a round of applause also goes
to the 2 TLC canines Bear the collie mix and little Rufus
which btw have both been adopted : )

When you click on the link go to Sox for Strays 2



Puppy sponsored by L K

This donation is in memory of our sweet furry baby who crossed the rainbow bridge last month.  We found her injured on the street, took her to a shelter, and after no one claimed her, we adopted her.   We were blessed to have her for 14 years.

Thank you for helping the animals.

Jillian sponsored by B.

Jillian is super well with kids. She's very playful, full of joy and looks like she wants to act like a big cat:) very cuddly! She would be great addition to anyone, who loves dogs. She's a big baby.

Cheetah sponsored by B.

Cheetah is very well house trained, and she's great with kids. She would be great addition to anyone: family or single. Super lovely, attentive, smart pure breed girl.

cats at TLC 6/25/10

dogs at TLC 6/25/10

Bear sponsored by Denise Polich

Denise Polich is sponsoring Bear, a mixed lab puppy.

Sugar sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine Carter is sponsoring Sugar, a coonhound.
She was abandoned and found starving to death.  She looked so sad in her cage tonight and she is such a good girl, very quiet and good with other animals.  She will make someone a very nice companion.

Bear sponsored by Kathleen Ward

Kathleen Ward is sponsoring Bear, a toy collie mix.  He is house trained & ok with kids.


dogs & pups arriving 6/26

Here are a few of the dogs arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Happy ending for Josie (formerly Pumpkin)

Dear TLC--

We adopted "Pumpkin" who is now known as Josie, on May 1, 2010. She is such a sweetie and has fit into our home very nicely! She gets along great with her older 'sister' Gabby (our other cat), and even Ellie, our dog. Josie has the loudest purr I have ever heard and all you have to do is look at her and she starts to purr! She is a short, stocky girl, and has the cutest little round face. She has managed to lose a little bit of weight and we are continuing to work on that! We love her and I know she is happy in her new home. Thanks!!

Cindy Schultz

Golden Paw awarded to Claire & Elizabeth Sokol

A Golden Paw goes out to Claire Sokol age 9 and Elizabeth Sokol age 13.  They donated toys and treats and made adorable little cat blankets.


In Loving Memory of Sasha

It is with sad regret that our dog Sasha who was adopted from TLC at 4 years old in July of 2001 has passed on.  Sasha was the greatest friend to my children when they were young. There was never a lonely day in the pool for them because Sasha was always in there with them, between the pool and riding in the car with my husband she was always there. She got very sick a month ago and was on medication for congestive heat disease, her will to live was more than most people. She was a blessing to us all and will be sadly missed. Thank you TLC for the work you do in finding homes for Dogs & Cats who come with age.

Thank you,
The Hartung Family.

Lois the chihuahua sponsored by Claire Sokol

Lois is a spayed female chihuahua.  She is house trained & ok with kids.

Sponsored by Claire Sokol, age 9

My family has adopted two dogs from TLC and they have been great family members. I know Lois would make a great forever friend.


Happy ending update: Eddie

This July we will have Eddie for 3 years (my how time flies). He has lost an old friend in that time because Squeakers our first dog passed away in December 2008 and gained a new "sister" in August 2008. I have attached a picture of Eddie with Sabrina, she is about 6 months older than Eddie. Eddie and Sabrina are 2 peas in a pod and love to play. Our kids all love both dogs and the dogs are great with the kids and their friends. Due to some of our neighboring dogs neither one is found of dogs bigger than themselves especially Sabrina so she gets Eddie going sometimes.

This past January we had to relocate temporarily due to a house fire and were lucky enough to find a place to live where both dogs are welcome. We are hoping to move back home sometime this fall. Both dogs have been great during the transition, especially Eddie. He is so happy and ready to go with the flow. Over Memorial Day weekend we drove 5 hours to visit my parents and both dogs were great in the car and Eddie had lots of fun playing with their dogs.

I know this isn't real long but I wanted you to know how loved Eddie is and how glad we are to have him as part of the family (and because he worked out so well we ended up adopting Sabrina from a rescue and got blessed with 2 excellent dogs). 

Special price on Sox for Strays tickets

Chicago White Sox vs. Atlanta Braves
When: Wednesday June 23
Time: 7:10 PM
Where: U.S. Cellular Field

TLC has some special tickets for the game - call the shelter ASAP at (708)301-1594 to reserve yours!
Lower box will be $19.50
Lower Reserved $17.50
Bleachers $17
Upper Box $12
Upper Reserved $10

Go to the tlc website for more information


Dogs arriving 6/19

Here are a few of the dogs arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.

Sox for Strays honors TLC!

Sox for Strays honors TLC

Dogs, Dad & Da Sox!

Here's a great father's Day gift idea: take Dad to a White Sox game for Father's Day & Support Sox for Strays & TLC!

Chicago White Sox vs. Atlanta Braves
When: Wednesday June 23
Time: 7:10 PM
Where: U.S. Cellular Field

If you're attending the White Sox game on Wednesday, June 23, be sure to stop outside of Gate 5 to visit with Jamie Buehrle and adoptable dogs from Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter. As part of Sox for Strays, a program supported by the Buehrles that features adoptable dogs and supports local shelters, Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter will be collecting supplies.

Fans who bring a donation will be entered to win an autographed Mark Buehrle item.

The TLC wish list includes: Canned dog food, semi-moist dog food, canned cat food, toys, dog beds, Palmolive dish soap, brooms, gas cards (for transporting animals) and Menards or Home Depot gift cards (for shelter maintenance).

Sox for Strays will partner with a different Chicagoland shelter each month.

For ticket information, go to the Sox home page

TLC has some special tickets for the game - call the shelter at (708)301-1594 for more information.


Happy ending for Kiki

Kiki picked us as her new parents May 1. She loves her new home and her new family. Thanks to all at TLC.

Brian & Cindy Borcherding


Sox for Strays honors TLC!

June 23rd: TLC Animal Shelter has been invited to White Sox Park. It is their monthly Sox for Strays and this month they are honoring TLC!  TLC will be the guest of the White Sox and the Buehrle's.  This will be a special day for TLC to raise awareness about homeless animals and to pass out pamphlets about the shelter. 

We can get some discounted tickets for that game. Please call the shelter for details.


Thanks for a Wet & Wild Walkathon

We want to thank everyone who came out to the walkathon even though the weather was not the best!  We had a great time!!!!  The rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits!


Happy ending for mystery dog

A happy dog parent dropped this photo off at the shelter.  Unfortunately, no one got the name of the adopted dog or the adopters.

Happy ending for Shelby

I'd like to thank you for my newest love. Shelby is a wonderful pup, smart and nearly completely potty trained.

This pic is already a few weeks old. She now weighs 8 lbs, and is going through a growth spurt!

Thanks again,

M. & T. Simmons

Golden Paw awarded to Scout Troop 262 Service #749

A Golden Paw is awarded to Scout Troop 262 Service #749 of Lockport. These excellent young ladies collected a bunch of food and supplies for TLC.

Golden Paw awarded to Daisy Brownie Troop 109

A Golden Paw is awarded to Brownie Troop 109 for their quarter collection that they held all year.  There were 19 girls aged 6 to 8 that brought quarters to their meetings to raise money for a charity.  At the end of the year they decided on which charity to give the money to and they decided on TLC : )

Oliver sponsored by Christine Baut

Christine Baut is sponsoring Oliver, a handsome orange tabby.
He's such a good boy and will make someone a wonderful addition to their family!!!


Golden Paw awarded to Joey Cryer

Here is a Golden Paw for Joey Cryer.  He walked door to door raising money for the animals.  Thanks, Joey!


dogs & puppies arriving 6/5

Here are a few of the dogs & pups arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.

Luke sponsored by Susann K. Pedersen

Susann K. Pedersen is sponsoring Luke, a beautiful white cat.

 I am beautiful and have lots of love to give! Take me home!