The 5th Aiden DiTola Memorial Fund to raise money for Homeless Animals at TLC

Thank you one and all for your help and generosity in meeting the goal and surpassing it!  $3,170.00 was raised!  Aiden would have been so proud and so happy to see all the animals the money raised will help. 

 The 5th AIDEN DI TOLA MEMORIAL FUND to help the animals at TLC


Time is going so please get your donations in to honor Aiden's memory and help homeless animals he so loved.  Ley's make Aiden Proud!


Blessing of the animals at Cross of Glory Church August 20th 9:30 AM.  Bring your pets to be blessed.  Cross of Glory is located at 14719 West 163rd Street, Homer Glen.  Cross of Glory Church will also be raising donations to help the animals at TLC.  Don't miss this special event.


A special thank you to Mark Trubiano who surprised us by painting one of our faded out signs out front.  Mark just appeared after stopping down the day before, and must have noticed how shabby the sign was looking.  BTW Mark is a professional painter of signs, motorcycles helmets what have you he is good.  Thank you Mark for a great job!

Time is running out and the Aiden DiTola Memorial Fund is so close to its goal. Let's see if we can hit that mark before Aiden's birthday which is in a few days. Only $245.00 shy of the goal of $3,000.00 which will go to the TLC Animal Shelter to help homeless animals. Aiden was a huge animal lover so lets make Aiden proud, and meet that goal

We are $245.00 away from out goal of $3,000.00m let's push to make it before Aiden's birthday!

A Golden Paw Award goes out to 11 year old Peyton who choose to get in lieu of birthday gifts things for the animals at TLC.  Thank you Peyton for your generosity and caring!


A big thanks to Debbie Piggott for sponsoring Nala a beautiful female Pit Bull/English Bulldog mix.  She is a very sweet dog, energetic playful, loving and a real doll.  She has a cute little stub tail that is always wagging when someone is playing with her.

Nala has been waiting for her forever home for well over a month.  Sometimes she does not present herself well only because she is jumping at her kennel door and barking when someone comes by but I believe she is saying" Hey what about me?"  She loves to play with her toys and would be a wonderful companion to go for walks or jogging with.  She just needs someone to give her a chance.

TLC WISH LIST as of  8/2/2017

The shelter is in need of:
Forever Stamps
Kitty Litter!!!!  a constant need  (please no scoopable, it gets clogged  up in our floor drains)

Forever stamps 

Puppy pee pads
Gift certificates Home Depot or Menards for  shelter repairs & supplies


Scrubbing Bubbles

Liquid hand soap in the counter size bottles

Avery mailing labels 30 per sheet I think the size is 1 x 2 5/8

Speedway gas cards (only reason we said Speedway is they are only a half block from the shelter)

And of course we can always use money for medical bills