Coming in on 5/3

Coming in on transport 5/3,  ETA 2:00  Lots of cuties in need of a loving home.  Pictures to be added as confirmations are made so please keep watching.  The love of your life might just be on board!


A Golden Paw Award went to Dania Sweis

For Dania Sweis 10th birthday, she asked that in lieu of birthday gifts, things be gotten for the animals at the shelter.  A Golden Paw Award goes out to her.  Dania shared some of the goodies with River who is awaiting adoption. Thank you!


Thank you Tracy Lesmeister for a Wonderful evening and for raising $3,700.00 to help the animals at TLC

We want to thank Tracy Lesmeister for hosting Comedy for the Critters for TLC.  The evening eas a huge success and everyone had a great time.  Ana Belavel, Pat Tomasulo and Mike Tommey had everyone laughing so hard that some people had tears rolling down their cheeks.  It was a great evening and we want to thank Ana, Pat and Mike for doing such a great job bringing down the house.  We also want to thank the Microsoft team for volunteering their time to make sure everything ran smoothely and helped raise money for the shelter selling the 50/50 tickets.  We also want to thank the American Legion.  Speaking for myself, I had a blast!  Tracy went through a lot of work to put this event on to help the homeless critters at TLC. Are you ready for this?   Tracy raised $3,700.00 for the shelter!!!  WOO HOO!  Thank you so much Tracy, you did a great job, and the money you raised will help a lotof animals.  We also want to thank everyone who came to the event to help support the shelter!


A Golden Paw goes out the the preschool Studens at Shepherd of the Hill Preschool

A Golden Paw Award goes out to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool for the donation they made to the shelter. The 50 children age 3 to 4 years old raised
$309.42 in their penny drive that they held.  This is not the first time they held the drive for TLC, but I think this year they raised the most moey ever!  Good job guys!