We want to thank Tracy Lesmeister for hosting "Christmas in the Air" at the Atrium at Gatto's

We want to give a big round of applause to Tracy Lesmeister for hosting "Christmas in the Air"  ladies night out for the TLC Animal Shelter.  $1,002.00 was raised WOOHOO!  We also want to thank all the vendors and the folks at the Atium at Gattos in New Lenox.  Tracy put a lot of time and effort into this event, on top of it she is just on the mend from leg surgery, but she wanted to do it to help the animals at the shelter.  Thank you Tracy ever so much!

*  I made a typo when I entered the amount on the website it shoud have been $1002.00 and with another donation from the evening Tracy brought in the final is $1,052.00


Golden Paw Award to Xander Gattaso and the Students at St. Joseph School in Manhattan

A Golden Paw goes out to Xander Gattaso who asked in birthday gifts asked for money to help the animals at the shelter, donating $90.00.  Thank you Xander

We also want to give a Golden Paw Award to the students at St. Joseph School in Manhattan for the the supply and food drive and for $5.00 and a $25.00 Home Depot gift certificate.  They held the drive for TLC in conjunction with their study of St. Francis of Assisi.