Golden Paw awarded to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool

A Golden Paw goes to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool.  The students and faculty held "Pennies for Puppies" and raised $109.00!  They have done this for several years.


Ramie sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

Sharon is sponsoring Ramie, a beautiful female mixed sheltie.  She is a sweetheart!


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 4/2

This sweet little chihuahua mix is one of several dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Golden Paw awarded to Kaden Craven

A Golden Paw goes to Kaden who asked for money for the shelter instead of birthday gifts for himself.


Dogs, puppies, cats arriving SATURDAY 3/26, not Thursday

This neutered male chi mix is one of several dogs and cats arriving Saturday from Vermillion County

Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 3/26

This sheltie/shep mix puppy is one of several dogs and pups arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


In Loving Memory of Kitty

We adopted ‘Kitty’, an elder black female tabby, a couple years ago as a companion to our feisty orange and white ‘Killer’. She was perfect right from the start. She was well behaved and poised. She played like she was a kitten and would straighten out Killer if he got “out of line.” She would greet visitors and loved to be petted, but would never demand attention. Her time with us was cut short and suddenly by heart failure. It’s been about 6 months since we lost her and our family of 7 miss her dearly, although I don’t think as much as Killer does. We will be looking again soon for a companion for our Killer and for the rest of us, but Kitty will always be missed.

Thank you TLC! with love from: Holly, John, James, Jules, Sheila, Adrian, & Killer.

Fiona (aka Sandy) sponsored by kathleen ward

Kathleen is sponsoring this cute female 10 week old mixed cattle dog puppy.


Happy ending for Chico (formerly Brady)

We rescued our awesome Chico from TLC around March of 2010. He was so calm and mellow and sweet! We found later why he seemed so relaxed. He was sick and just didn't feel good. Not to mention probably confused going from a stray, to a road trip, then into our home. It took some time and lot's of vet visits but we got him feeling great. He had three kinds of worms and bad kennel cough. After his treatments and feeling better the poor guy broke out in hives from his booster shots! He was all puffed up and had hair sticking straight out from the hives raising on his skin. He just didn't seem to be able to catch a break.

It is now almost a year later and he is happy and healthy. He has tons of energy, loves his walks, and treats. He has one doggy sibling and two cat siblings. He was not sure about the cats at first. I think his instinct was to catch one and eat it. lol Now our big cat Otto comes and rubs all over him giving Chico hugs.

Chico did not know how to play really. Sometimes he'll fetch for a bit but will stop and play with his toys by himself by throwing them in the air and hopping around. It's so cute. I have taught him to sit and sit up. Pics below. He is a handsome guy and and we are VERY happy to have him in our family.

Thanks TLC! Amy and Elise


Happy ending for Lily

It's been two months now that I've been blessed by Lily (Lillie). I got her November 23, 2010. I was steered in her direction by some of the workers there. She had just come in, but they knew that she was such a sweetie. She is that!!! Although we have had a few medical issues, I love and care for her with all I have to give.

I am so happy to have adopted Mz Lily as she adds joy to my life. I found A Meet Up site hosted by Pirahna Banana yesterday and we look forward to an upcoming play date. And you can expect another visit by me in the spring as I'll be looking for a constant companion for Lily.

Thank You for spreading JOY!

Marva Campbell-Pruitt

South Suburban Chihuahua sponsoring chi's

South Suburban Chihuahua is sponsoring these chihuahuas and chi mixes


Logan sponsored by Bella and Haley

Bella and Haley are sponsoring Logan, a large sized spayed female husky.   Our WONDERFUL friend deserves a WONDERFUL home!


Happy ending for Misty & Maya (formerly Elke & Shyla)

Here's our 2 'girls'( Misty & Maya) from TLC. The smaller darker dog is Maya. We adopted Maya September of 2007 (Her name was Shyla @ the shelter). She's 4 now. This past February 13, we went to the shelter to look around. We were interested in a dog coming in on transport, her name was Elke.We waited till almost close when she arrived. When I saw her I knew she was going to be ours. The folks at TLC were nice enough to let us go back home and get Maya so the two dogs could meet. We changed her name to Misty (she's the bigger lighter dog in the pic) Misty is doing well and adjusting nicely to her new home. She was a little shy at first, but is coming out of her shell. We LOVE these girls! Thanks TLC. We MAY be back soon to add one more.



VIP Meeting Saturday March 19

VIP Member meeting Saturday March 19 at 10 AM at the Shelter.

Happy ending for Hollie

Just wanted to give you all an update on Hollie. She is a really great dog - very friendly and full of life.

A few years ago we adopted a dog named Cheech from TLC - but, when our daughter got married last fall she decided to take Cheech to live with her. Since we were so happy with our experience with TLC - we decided to come back for another dog. My husband and I thought we would just start stopping in on our weekend off of work to see if any of your dogs bonded with us - and we found Hollie on our first trip out. I put my hand in her cage and she leaned up on the cage door and tried to give me kisses through the spaces in the bars. We had one of the workers bring Hollie out and we took her outside and played with her - that was it - love at first sight. I was shocked when my husband said "We will take her." We have been married for 25yrs. and had several pets during that time - but, this is the first time that he picked out the pet. He was so excited - like a kid - he even sat in the backseat of our car with her on the way home.

When we got home our youngest son was in the basement playing video games and my hubby brought Hollie downstairs to meet him. (we didn't tell our son that we were looking for a dog) Our son was shocked - he could not believe that his dad had picked out a dog. Hollie and Tommy (our son - in the picture with Hollie) bonded instantly - they are best pals. Tommy likes playing ball with Hollie in our backyard - his goal this summer is to teach her how to catch a frisbie and teach her to walk nicely on a leash. So far everyone who has come over and met Hollie - falls in love with her. What a great dog she is. Hollie loves her new fenced in yard - she is so quick - she runs back and forth in the yard - tossing her toys up in the air and catching them.

The staff at TLC were very kind and helpful - they even gave Hollie a booster shot and dog flu shot before we took her home. We couldn't ask for better care and service. The staff told us that the reason Hollie was given up was because her owner moved to an apartment where dogs were not allowed - and that the previous owner was quite distraught and had to have her sister drop Hollie off at TLC. We want Hollies previous family to know that we love her and that she has a nice home and yard of her own - she is very happy - and we promise to love her and keep her safe and happy for the rest of her life.

Thank you all again - for the great work that you do at TLC - not only for the families that have to give up their pets - but, for the families out there looking to bring a great pet into their home.

Very Sincerely Yours,

The Barkoski Family


Cats and puppies arriving Thursday 3/10

Renee is one of several cats and puppies arriving Thursday from shelters where their time is up.


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 3/12

Joie the dachshund is one of several dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.

Happy ending for Boo (formerly Buddy)

We adopted Boo (formerly Buddy) in February, 2010. We’ve had him for a little over a year and couldn’t be happier. We got married on Halloween, so a spooky-sounding name seemed appropriate, especially for a black dog! When Boo first came home, he was very timid and shy. Things have certainly changed since then. He’s brought so much happiness and boundless energy to our home. He’s a total licker and loves getting pets.

Boo loves playing fetch, going for walks, running and jumping, and meeting new dogs. He’s very athletic (the vet said an Adonis of dogs) and very smart (soon to be an AKC Good Citizen). He’s the best dog in the world and everyone in our family loves him. Thanks, TLC, for letting us adopt him and for helping out families find the pets they need!

Brian and Eileen


Happy ending for Sydney (formerly Norma)

My husband and I adopted a puppy (approx. 10/12 weeks old) from TLC back in July of 2009.

Early on a Tuesday morning, I saw a photo for a pup named Norma on your site; she was scheduled to arrive that same afternoon. I sent the link of the photo to my husband and he said she was cute. I took that as a sign that I should pay her a visit.

During my lunch break at work, my co-worker and I went to go take a look at her. She was perfect. Quiet. Calm. Gentle. Adorable all around.

As I was deciding on whether to adopt her or not, another lady was looking at her.

I struggled with the decision all the way back to work in the car.

I decided that if Norma was still there by 3:15 that afternoon, I was going to go get her before TLC closed. Sure enough, she was.

I raced back to the shelter and brought her home.

My husband and I decided that Norma wasn't the name we wanted for her, and after going through lists of human names, my husband made an astute observation.

"She looks like a dingo."

It clicked and I suggested the name Sydney.

Our Sydney was sick for her first few weeks at home, and boy did her personality change after she was feeling better! Although still sweet and quiet, the calm went away. We found out her lab was mixed with either greyhound or whippet. She LOVES to run!

Sydney turns 2 years old in April. She loves to play and her best friend Tasha (my mom's dog, a husky/border collie mix) was also adopted from TLC back in Oct. 2006. They love to run and chase after frisbee together. Most of all, they love to cause chaos.

She's a happy, sweet dog and, although trouble always finds her, she is a good girl. One thing that is for sure, there is never a dull moment when she is around!


Happy ending for Seymore

My name is Dorene Rice, and I adopted Seymore from your shelter two weeks ago. I thought that you might want to know how he is doing. He moved in and has acted like he was always a part of our family. We all love him, and he was everything that your shelter said he was. He loves everyone, especially our four year old cocker spaniel. They are now sleeping side by side, eating and drinking together, and of course, having treats together. He is such a smart cat, and we love that he knows his name and comes to it when called.

I just want to thank you all again for being there for all of the animals you care for and the excellent care that you give them. I thought you might like to see a picture of how well Seymore has adjusted...he took the dog's bed and our dog didn't even care!

Thanks again,
Dorene Rice


Dogs, puppies, cats arriving Friday 3/4

Rusty is one of several dogs and puppies that will be arriving from Clay County.  There are also 2 cats arriving from TJ Rescue and Sanctuary, a shelter that is closing its doors.


dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 3/5

Bonnie's family lost their home, and so did Bonnie.  This corgi mix will be arriving Saturday along with other dogs and puppies from shelters where their time is up.