Golden Paw goes to Homer Glen Scout Troop

A Golden Paw goes out to Scout Troop for Homer Glen for donating supplies and food and monetary donations for TLC.  Thank you!


A Golden Paw goes out to Shea Vance

We wish to award a Golden Paw to Shea Vance pictured on the right.  Shea has held Christmas parties at her home and invited her friends to celebrate.  In return she requested that each friend bring something for the animals at TLC .  Thank you so much!

Transport 1/25 IS RUNNING LATE dp to weather

There is a transport coming in on 1/25  and here are just a few of the animals that will be on board and looking for their forever home

Becasue of the weather and some vehicle problems the transport is running lste.  ETA was 2:00 but we think it will be a hour or so later.  We still have many dogs, cats and puppies at TLC already there awaiting adoption so don't let the delayed transport keep you from stopping by.
The transport drivers are angels the first picture is last night when they started out and you can see how bad the roads are this morning that they are driving through.  It takes a lot to bring these animals up in order to save their lives!


We want to thank Mary Loots for sponsoring Julie and Monica Schultz for sponsoring Einstein and Dae-Su and Julie Klem is sponsoring both Jeremy's

 Mary Loots  sponsored sweet Joey, a male English Setter, who is shown here going to his forever home.  Mary is now sponsoring Julie.

UPDATE:  Joey is going to his forever home!
 Julie is an adorable terrier mix pup who is about 4 months old.  She is a quiet pup and as sweet as can be.  She will be about 25 pounds when she is full grown. being sponsored by Mary Loots

We want to thank Monica Schultz for her sposnsorship of Einstein the black and white rat and Dae-Su his tan and white sibling.  They are very friendly and come with their own rat condo!  Rats are smart and make very nice pets

Both Jeremy's are being sponsored by Julie Klem.  Jeremy on the left is a mixed terrier pup who is 4 months old, he is the brother to the pup pictured above.  He is a sweetheart too!  Julie is also sponsoring the little chihuahua mix named Jeremy.  He is a very affectionate little dog who will make a great companion.  Whether going for a walk with you or sitting on your lap he just wants to be with you.


A Golden Paw Award goes out to Makayla Garrabarnt

We want to award a Golden Paw to Makayla Garrabarnt for making goodies bags for the dogs and cats.  Makayla has done this several times over the years and we really appreciate it!


Good Search donates a penny for every internet search you make

Please use Good Search for your online searches as a penny for each on line search you make goes to TLC

GoodSearch cause bannerA penny doesn't seem like much but add it all up and the shelter just received a check for $103.95 from Goodsearch!  It doesn't cost you a thing all you have to do is use Good Search for every internet seach you make!  How much simpler does it get to help raise money for the animals