We want to thank Tracy Lesmeister for hosting "Christmas in the Air" at the Atrium at Gatto's

We want to give a big round of applause to Tracy Lesmeister for hosting "Christmas in the Air"  ladies night out for the TLC Animal Shelter.  $1,002.00 was raised WOOHOO!  We also want to thank all the vendors and the folks at the Atium at Gattos in New Lenox.  Tracy put a lot of time and effort into this event, on top of it she is just on the mend from leg surgery, but she wanted to do it to help the animals at the shelter.  Thank you Tracy ever so much!

*  I made a typo when I entered the amount on the website it shoud have been $1002.00 and with another donation from the evening Tracy brought in the final is $1,052.00


Golden Paw Award to Xander Gattaso and the Students at St. Joseph School in Manhattan

A Golden Paw goes out to Xander Gattaso who asked in birthday gifts asked for money to help the animals at the shelter, donating $90.00.  Thank you Xander

We also want to give a Golden Paw Award to the students at St. Joseph School in Manhattan for the the supply and food drive and for $5.00 and a $25.00 Home Depot gift certificate.  They held the drive for TLC in conjunction with their study of St. Francis of Assisi.


PUMA being sponsored by Gloria Wong has been adopted

We wish to thank Gloria Wong for sponsoring Puma.  Puma is a beautiful Neutered male cat who is just as sweet as can be.  The lucky party who adopts Puma will get a wonderful feline friend!  He is litter trained and such a good kitty, some see for yourself!

* UPDATE Puma has been adopted


This weeks video star is Smokey and our assistant Lauryn Grothe gets a Golden Paw Award for her generosity

This weeks video star is Smokey an adorable mixed Russian Blue Kitten. 

Ten year old Lauryn Grothe was our assistant to do this video so enjoy!

We also want to thank Lauryn who in lieu of  presents for her 10th birthday asked for things for the animals.  Lauryn contributed $120.00 plus numerous supplies.


The shelter is in need of

Here is a list of things that the shelter is in need of:
Paper Towels (most urgent need)
Clorox Cleanup spray
Kitty Litter
HP 95 and 98 ink cartridges
Puppy Chow


They look at you as you walk by pleading

Look at that face and imagine yourself in that same situation....just hoping that someone nice comes along and want to adopt you and give you a loving home.  Please take a second look and give these deserving cats and dogs a chance, in return they will reward you with love and devotion beyond compare! 


The Shelter is in need of

The shelter is in need of the following items big time!

Paper Towels
Kitty litter (not scoopable please as it clogs up the shelters drains)

Thank you!


This weeks video star

This little guy is as cute as can be!  He is very sad sitting alone in his cage but give him some attention or a toy and he really perks up.  We hope watching his video puts a smile on your face, and perhaps makes you want to stop in and see for yourself just how cute he is as he weaves his way into your heart!


8 year old Lea's run for the Animals at TLC has raised $350.00 to date

Please click on the link to see what this special little girl is doing to raise money for homeless animals at TLC.  We also want to thank everyone who is cheering her on and have donated for to help Lea reach her goal!  As of now Lea has surpassed her goal and raised $350.00 to aid homeless animals at TLC.  Lea also brought in toys, and cuddly sleep  pads for the critters.  Thank you Lea!


  We wish to thank Artisan Heating and Cooling in Frankfort   Artisan has been servicing the shelter's heating and air conditioning units for years and have always done it for gratis.  We really appreciate all they have done to help us out.  They keep the critters warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Thank you ever so much!


Thanks to Tracy Lesmeister and the following businesses

We want to thank Tracy Lesmeister for the wish list drive she held for TLC from November 21st through January 2nd.  Tracy brought in a bounty of supplies that the shelter was in need of, and several hundred dollars she raised.  We also want to thank the following businesses for allowing collection boxes in their stores:  Animal Clinic at New Lenox, All 4 Paws, Fabian Flooring, Papa Joe's, Pretty Penny Nails, and Tucker's Doggie Delights.

We also want to thank the Animal Clinic at New Lenox for the photos with Santa event they held and the money raised.