Marlo sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine is sponsoring Marlo.  Marlo wont be all that big he is about 4 1/2 months old.  The more we look at him the more we think he is a mixed Pug and Boxer.  His little screw tail is adorable and he loves to play with you with his front feet!  He has such a sweet disposition and will make some lucky person a wonderful companion!


Happy ending for Charlie

We adopted Charlie from TLC on February 13, 2010. We came in just to look. Our other dog was getting older and packing on the pounds. We thought that she needed a playmate. We came, looked around, and did not find a dog that was right for us. Someone said that a truck was coming in with puppies from Kentucky. We decided to stay. When the puppies arrived, it was a mad rush. Some people grabbed a dog as soon as it came out of the van. We waited until they were put in a cage. Two young Beagle mix puppies were in one kennel. Their brother was just adopted. One was all black, but he was over 40 pounds already. The other dog was a small black and white puppy with the body of a beagle and the head of an English Springer Spaniel. He was so cute. We took him into the "interaction room" in the back by the cats with our other dog. He was so great that we decided to take Charlie home. Thank you so much!

Happy ending for Patches (formerly Peaches)

I adopted a cat known as Peaches nka Patches from your shelter in November of 2008. An update on Patches, he is a happy and very spoiled boy. He loves his Grandma and the two of them love to cuddle in bed and watch TV. Patches loves to have his tummy rubs and will get into his rub position all day long if you let him. He still likes to jump on things he shouldn't but we love him just the same. I am attaching a couple of pictures of my boy. Thanks again for bringing us together.

Kathy Stalony


Tucker sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Tucker, a sweet neutered male chihuahua mix.  Tucker has been at the Shelter a long time.  He hopes his special family will come for him soon.

cats at TLC 2/25/11

dogs at TLC 2/25/11

Pumpkin sponsored by Casey Carter

Casey is sponsoring Pumpkin, a beagle mix puppy.  Pumpkin was born with sight problems, but she has no trouble finding her way around.  She is a delightful little girl - loving, playful and smart.


ALL THE DOGS sponsored by Patty Robinson

I got to meet all of the WONDERFUL puppies (even some new ones that aren't listed yet) and feel that anyone would be lucky to have any one of them as a part of their family.  Adopting my Sweet Pea from T.L.C. has been one of the BEST things that I have ever done!


2 german shepherds sponsored by kathleen ward


Kathleen is sponsoring these beautiful female german shepherds looking for a good home.

dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 2/26

Oreo, a male sheltie mix, is one of several dogs and pups arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Captain Jack sponsored by Casey Carter

Casey is sponsoring the Captain.  "He is a young spunky BIG LAP LOVING CUDDLY boy, that I would LOVE to take home but just dont have room."


Tucker and Mom Cat sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

 Shoron is sponsoring these 2 wonderful animals.  They are waiting for you to take them home.


Dogs and puppies arriving Friday 2/18

Bailey the beagle is one of several dogs and puppies arriving at TLC on Friday.

Happy ending for Kiki (formerly Spot)

Kiki is such a sweet cat. She loves to cuddle in your lap. She is really happy in her new home and she has so much fun running and chasing her new friends. When we adopted her, her name was Spot. But when our Grandson Joey came over and saw her, he called her Kiki and she came running up to him so we decided to name her Kiki. She is such a great cat, as are all our cats that we acquired from TLC. Thanks again TLC for another wonderful addition to our furry family.

Randy & Sheri Mitrovich


Happy ending for Chloe

Hi! We are the Willett family. On October 23, 2010 we adopted a 5yr old calico named Chloe. We wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. She is a really great cat. It took her some time to warm up to her new surroundings. Now that she is settled in she is very playful and loves the attention she gets from us. Thank you so much for all you do for these animals. You have given us a great addition to our family!!!


Seymore sponsored by Christine Baut

Christine is sponsoring Seymore.
Seymour is really a great cat.  He is so friendly - will sit for hours prrrring, while having his belly rubbed!  He's loves other cats, he loves dogs (yes it's true!) and he just loves everyone in general....even kids (all ages).  He loves treat time as well!  He knows his name and will come when called (just like a dog!). 

Please give him the chance of a happy life with you and your family!  :)


dogs & puppies arriving 2/12

These puppies are a few of the many dogs that will be arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Max sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Max, a friendly male chihuahua.  Max has been at the shelter since December.   He is so sad when people pass him by.  Marge hopes that Max finds a home soon.


Happy ending for Oreo

I adopted Oreo the 13 yr.old Lhasa Apso female on Nov. 23 2010. She was listed as 6 or 7 years old but her rabies tag info. had her as 13 yrs. old. I just wanted to let you know that Oreo is doing great, she was checked out by my Vet and she had surgery on her Cherry Eye and is doing fine she also has dry eyes an needs drops daily. She's been a pleasure to have very happy little dog, she gets along fine with her big brother Slick, a 92 lbs. black lab. She has a big back yard to roam in, she doesn't play with toys but she likes for me to hide and when she finds me she goes running down the hall if I don't come out she comes back looking for me. Slick & I just love her. She also sits up and waves her paws, she's ADORABLE !!

Elaine Belue


dogs & puppies arriving 2/5

Sid is one of several dogs and puppies arriving on Saturday from shelters where their time is up.