This year's Cosmic Candlelight Bowl scheduled for February 12th has been canceled due to poor ticket sales.  Refunds will be given to those who already purchased tickets.  Please call the shelter for more information.


Happy ending for Speedy (formerly Stevie)

We wanted to send in update on Speedy (formerly Stevie) whom we adopted on July 10, 2010. It has been 7 months. We cannot say enough about this little guy. He has bought so much laughter and joy back into our house. There is nothing shy or timid about this little guy anymore! He is an absolute clown and loves making everyone laugh! When he is in a really great mood he loves to show off his smile, which we nicknamed his "Elvis lip" . He loves roughhousing...chihuahua style of course. Speedy loves belly rubs, sleeping, snuggling, stealing socks, licking your hands, giving kisses, running around playing chase, chewing his stuffed animals and playing with our two cats Libby & Zorro. There is not enough space to list everything. But his absolute favorite thing to do is going for car (in our case truck rides). Where ever we go he is always attracting attention & smiles especially while wearing his favorite parka. He is very protective of the whole family and is never short on giving or receiving plenty of love. Thank-you again for this little angel!

The Dokter Family
Mike, Chris, Victoria & Jonathan

dogs, puppies, kittens arriving 1/29

Mint, a young beagle, will be arriving Saturday along with more dogs, puppies and kittens.  They are all coming from shelters where their time is up.


Golden Paw awarded to Lin- Li

Here is a little girl that deserves a Golden Paw:  For Lin- Li's 9th birthday, instead of birthday gifts she asked for things for the shelter.  She donated food, toys and treats.

Golden Paw awarded to Erin Odonnell and Amber Challans

This Golden Paw goes out to Erin and Amber. These girls went Christmas caroling in Homer Glen in the Rolling Glen area and the next night they went caroling in the Lockport Broken Arrow area, raising $115.00. 

Scrappy sponsored by kathleen ward

Kathleen is sponsoring Scrappy, a small sized young male chihuahua mix.  Scrappy is a playful happy fellow, and would make a great companion.


Charlotte sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Charlotte, a spayed female pomeranian.  Charlotte has been at the shelter a long time.  She really wants a home of her own.


Happy ending for Sadie

Sadie (formerly Chloe) is the first dog my family has ever had, and she immediately won over everyone with her loving nature. Sadie was described as a dog who "required a lot of attention," but in our house she gets all the attention she can handle. She's the quintessential lap-dog, always finding herself snuggled against someone. We all look forward to the greeting we get from her when we walk in the door. Sadie truly has been a blessing for our family, she has made such a positive impact on all of our lives, and we are so happy that we found her.

Thank you!

Colleen, Ryan, Mary, and Kevin

Happy ending for Bennie

Bennie (formerly Tito) was adopted about 4 years ago and is currently living with his older sister Mabel and his younger brother Louie. When he first came into our home he was uninterested in sitting still and being petted, but he quickly turned into a big love-bug who loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. Bennie is one of the sweetest dogs we have had the pleasure of living with and we are overjoyed to have him in our lives.

Thank you,

Stan, Irene, Melanie, & Amie

Get Your Cosmic Candlelight Bowl Tickets!

WHEN: Saturday February 12, 2011

TIME: 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm

WHERE: Strike and Spare II Bowling Lanes, 811 Northern Drive, Lockport IL

COST: $25.00 per person/$50.00 per couple which includes dinner and 3 rounds of bowling fun

ATTIRE: Casual (Rental bowling shoes available at the bowling alley)

Tickets are on sale now!! 
You can pick your tickets up at the TLC Animal Shelter, 13016 West 151st Street, Homer Glen or phone in your credit card # at 708-301-1594 and we can send the tickets to you.
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Martin sponsored by Janean-Marie Neville

Martin is such a wonderful cat. We saved him on the hottest day in the summer from near death in a closed shed. I am sure he got loose from some lucky owner.
Martin would be an ideal cat for someone older who gets up early in the morning as Martin is an early riser.  He’ll chat early and then be on his merry way. You can turn him upside down like a baby and he likes you to brush his long beautiful fur. He is affectionate, but not overly clingy. Unfortunately, allergies got the better of people in the household.
Sponsored by Janean-Marie Neville

dogs & puppies arriving 1/22

These are some of the dogs arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Oy and Schatzi sponsored by Carl and Georgia Farris

 Oy and Schatzi are both wonderful, loving dogs.  They are brother and sister and were our dogs from the time they were born until circumstances prevented us from keeping them any longer.  Schazti is very sweet and she is a cuddly dog who loves being hugged and played with.  She is amazing with children and was always loving and gentle with our two little girls.  Oy is a great dog, very loyal and laid back.  He loves to play and is a great companion.  These pups both deserve great and loving forever homes.
Carl and Georgia Farris


Golden Paw awarded to Hannah

Hannah donated $46.00 to help the animals at TLC. She has earned a Golden Paw for her generosity.


dogs & puppies arriving 1/15

Jack is one of a group of dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Charlotte sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Charlotte, a spayed female pomeranian.  Charlotte has been at the shelter a long time.  She really wants a home of her own.


Golden Paw awarded to Troop 70995

Here is the first Golden Paw Award of 2011 for Brownie Troop 70995 for their donation of $50.00 and 2 sheets of postage stamps. Thanks for caring!


dogs & puppies arriving 1/8

Selby is one of the pups arriving on Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Happy ending for Roxy

I was just thinking of you as I am rescuing an abused Boxer Mix and just remember how lucky I was to have found Roxy at your place. I thought I would send you a recent Xmas pic to maybe show her at 2 years old now and spoiled rotten.

Happy Holidays!!!

Denise & Roxy!