New Year's hours

New Year's Eve:  11am to 2pm
New Years Day:  Closed

Berta and Ernestine sponsored by Patty Robinson

Patty Robinson is sponsoring Berta and Ernestine, female hound mixes.

 I had the opportunity to meet these sweet girls and feel that someone would be lucky to have them in their family.  My "puppy" is big and he's so much fun and such a "lovey" boy!


Happy ending for Samme

Thank you so much for Samme. He is the best, smart, happy, loving. He's been with us since Sept. 27/09. He is a couch potato, but he loves doing tricks for everyone. I call him Samme (Sam - me)


Little boy sponsored on behalf of Vilija Kerelis

This shy little male chihuahua is sponsored on behalf of Vilija Kerelis.  He would love a place to call home.

The Colonel & Cricket sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

Sharon is sponsoring The Colonel, a male chihuahua, and Cricket, a male chi mix.  They both want a home for Christmas.



Boo Boo sponsored by Rita Lavitne

Rita is sponsoring Boo Boo, a small boston terrier mix.  Boo Boo looks so sweet and so very sad because he wishes he were in a home for the holidays.


Berta and Ernestine sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine Carter is sponsoring Berta and Ernestine.   They are such good girls, they behave themselves and are real lovers.  They are usually very quiet all day long but when they do bark it is a big bark to match their size.  You couldn't ask for 2 gentler dogs.  It's not their fault that they are large, but along with a nice big dog you get all the love their nice big hearts could possibly give!  They do not have to be adopted together although we would love it if they were.  Also they do not eat any more than any other dog so  don't think you would have any larger dog food bill than you would have with a dog 20 pounds lighter than either of them.   If you're looking for a whole lot of lovin' these girls would fill the bill, you could not go wrong with either one, and if you adopted them both that would be prefect!  They have been in the kennel so long and they sure would love to have a home for Christmas.


Happy ending for Puma

I adopted Puma on October 15th, 2010 & my world hasn't been the same.  I never realized I could love an animal so much.  I took 2 other kittens in the play room before I took in Puma, but whereas the other two were scared, Puma came right up to me & brushed up against my leg.  I immediately picked him up & I told the owners that he was the one I wanted.  I have loved him more and more every day since then.  He has made my life a little less lonely & I love him for the joy he brings me & the love he shows.  I don't know what I would do without him.  Tomorrow will be two months since I've had my little mountain lion (Puma).  Thank you for having Puma bear there for me :-)

Nesrien Ali


cats at TLC 12/17/10

dogs at TLC 12/17/10

last week's video songs

Some people have asked what songs were used in the videos of 12/10.  Both songs are available in the free mp3 new music on Amazon.

Toy Jackpot by Blackalicious
You'll never find my Christmas by Bishop Allen


Charlotte sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge Tolstych is sponsoring Charlotte, a spayed female pomeranian.  Charlotte is sweet tempered and good with dogs and children.


dogs & puppies arriving 12/18

Joy, a young female beagle, is one of many dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Bake Sale a success

The bake sale ended at 1 pm, it was a sell out and a success making $414.00!!!  Thank you to all who baked, the volunteers who ran the sale, and those of you who stopped in at Sears to buy some goodies!


Bake Sale this Saturday 11th

Saturday December 11th
9:30 AM until sold out

Where: Sears Essentials
Located at the corner of 159th Street & Bell Road in Homer Glen

Stop in at Sears Essentials and buy some delicious bakery! How about some Christmas cookies to serve at your holiday parties? All proceeds will pay for medical care such as heartworm treatments, special medicines and veterinary bills.

A big THANK YOU to Dave Moore, Store Manager, for allowing this bake sale!
CALLING ALL BAKERS: How about baking an extra batch of holiday treats to sell at our bake sale? You can deliver bakery to our sales table at Sears on the date of the sale, or drop it off at the shelter the day before. Please label your bakery so we know what it is. Please call the shelter if you plan on baking something for this event, so we know how much bakery to expect.

All proceeds from the sale will go to help the animals at TLC.


Golden Paw awarded to Andrew Zaker, Alex Sheehan, Brendan McGinnis and Roman Starky

Here is a Golden Paw for  Andrew, Alex, Brendan and Roman who collected money and supplies as part of their Gang Resistance Education and Training Program.  This was done and collected at St. Dennis' School with the 7th grade class.


dogs & puppies arriving 12/11

This young male pomeranian is one of many dogs that will be arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Cost of cat adoptions to increase

 As of January 1st we will have to increase the donation to adopt cats and kittens.  We have fought doing this tooth and nail but everything is going up.  1 bottle of cepha drops to treat 1 cat or kitten is a little over $15.00 and the new wormer is  $9.00 a dose let alone the increase cost of Eclipse 4 cat vaccine : (  Even the cost of the cardboard cat carriers to get them home has increased.  We will see how it goes after the first and at that time the donation will increase to $60.00 with an additional $25.00 spay/neuter deposit if needed.


Golden Paw awarded to Duck Rescuers

A Golden Paw goes to about 25 Homer Glen kids who rescued an injured duck at Culver Park that had hit the high tension lines. The kids made a circle around her and a barrier of snow boards to protect her until TLC employees could get there to get the duck. 


Stockings are up at the Shelter

In the past we have had a Holiday Open House, and some friends always call saying they have problems making whatever date we have chosen.  This holiday season, the animals would love to see you whenever you can stop in for a visit.  Friends of the shelter are always welcome to stop by and visit the wonderful animals awaiting adoption.  They love the added attention, and a few kind words.  Of course if you want to bring treats or toys to fill their Christmas stockings those are always welcome.  If you are not sure what to bring, monetary donations are always welcome to help with food, supplies and medical bills.  Friendly purrs and happy wagging tails are sure to greet you when you stop by.