We wish to thank Debra Piggott is sponsoring Mama.  Her left hind leg had been broken and left to heal on its own.  She has a knob where it has healed and does not use the leg much although she does not seem to be in pain when the leg is manipulated.  We are taking her in to see what can be done for the leg, and will keep you informed.  She has a wonderful gentle disposition and just wants to be close to you.  UPDATE ON MAMA
after she was taken in to the vet we learned that she had been shot in the leg  and left to heal on its own the bones in the leg fused so she cannot bend that leg.  The leg is not causing her any pain so we were told just to let it go.   NEW UPDATE:  MAMA HAS BEEN ADOPTED WOO HOO!!!



We want to thank Jennifer Parshall for who volunteered her time and talent to come up with the graphics design for the TLC transport van She deserves a big round of applause for the time she spent coming up with this and you have to admit it looks great! Not only does it look great, it is great advertising so much so that a couple that saw it followed it to the shelter! We also want to thank Jennifer's sister, Linda Sucich who did some delving and found out we could get the work done for free as one of the incentives Ford was offering. We are happy with the results, job well done.

Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful job you have done!



Please vote every day to help TLC win $500.00 to help homeless animals awaiting adoption at the shelter, thank you! Please share.  We were in the lead but have fallen behind, so it is very important you vote each and every day.  It does not cost you a think nor do they flood your mailbox or FB page with advertising.  Thank you for helping the critters we appreciate it
Help us - help TLC Animal Shelter The charity with the most votes at the end of the month wins $500.00