UPDATE ON TLC SHIRTS: I know those of you who ordered shirts are wondering when they will be done. We were told they should be delivered to TLC Wednesday. We are going to get the TLC elves busy packing them up and shipping them out. If you prefer to pick up your shirt(s) just message me or call 708-301-1594. I am not sure what time they will be delivered to the shelter just some time tomorrow. We think you will agree they will be well worth the wait!
We want to thank everyone who stopped by to visit last Saturday at TLC'S annual Christmas Open House. A specail thanks to Karen Kittle for the spread she put out it was yummy! We also want to thank Santa and Mrs. Clause and their 2 elves for being there to meet and greet everyone (and we want to thank the Klem's who are good friends of the Claus' and asked them to make a special trip to TLC even though it is Santa's very busy season) We hope you all had a good time. I know were were very happy to talk to friends old and new. The animals loved the treats and toys
you donated. Thank you one and all for a great afternoon!


We want to thank Dan Fenn for his sponsorship of Mom and Pup, two sweet Chihuahua's that are in need of a loving forever home.  Mom is about 5 years old, and her Pup is 1 year.  They are both housebroken, good with children and other dogs.  Mom is quiet and laid back and Pup is playful and more energetic. 

We want to thank Michael and Karen Zuklic for sponsoring My Girl. She is at the Shelter because her owner died.  She is 1 year old and is good with everyone.  She will make a wonderful companion for some lucky family.

A thank you goes out to Karen Horting for sponsoring Ford.  Ford is a male Chihuahua who is in need of a loving forever home.  Ford has been waiting several weeks for that special someone to come along.  Ford is a little love who would be happy to sit on your lap and cuddle or go for walks with you.  His only problem is he does not show well in his kennel he acts up but take him out of there and he is as sweet as can be.  He is about 2 years old, good with other dogs and good with older children.


The Winner of the Blackhawks tickets is LOUISE NUGENT

This young lady and her family came in to adopt a puppy. While they were waiting to do the adoption paperwork I asked if they minded if their little girl drew the winning ticket in the Black Hawks ticket raffle for TLC. As you can see she did a great job and now what you were waiting for and the name of the winner is Louise Nugent! CONGRATULATIONS!


Coming in on transport 12 2 2017

Golden Opportunity books are in and make stocking stuffers or great a for gift exchange at work

The Golden Opportunity Books are just jam packed with savings for casual and fine dining, entertainment, services, and retail stores.  The books are $25.00 each and the shelter makes $7.00 for each book sold.  Many of the coupons may be used more than once!  It's a win win situation! Stop by and get your Golden Opportunity Book today.


TLC WISH LIST as of  10/5/2017

The shelter is in need of:

Odoban, Top Job and Mr. Clean
Kitty Litter!!!!  a constant need  (please no scoopable, it gets clogged  up in our floor drains)

Gift certificates Home Depot or Menards for  shelter repairs & supplies

Scrubbing Bubbles

Liquid hand soap in the counter size bottles

Liquid hand sanitizer

Speedway gas cards (only reason we said Speedway is they are only a half block from the shelter)

Our cupboards are filled with food which we are very thankful for, but if you would like
to help, we could use money to cover animal medical bills and medications.  Thank you!


We want to thank Jennifer Parshall for who volunteered her time and talent to come up with the graphics design for the TLC transport van She deserves a big round of applause for the time she spent coming up with this and you have to admit it looks great! Not only does it look great, it is great advertising so much so that a couple that saw it followed it to the shelter! We also want to thank Jennifer's sister, Linda Sucich who did some delving and found out we could get the work done for free as one of the incentives Ford was offering. We are happy with the results, job well done.

Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful job you have done!



Please vote every day to help TLC win $500.00 to help homeless animals awaiting adoption at the shelter, thank you! Please share.  We were in the lead but have fallen behind, so it is very important you vote each and every day.  It does not cost you a think nor do they flood your mailbox or FB page with advertising.  Thank you for helping the critters we appreciate it
Help us - help TLC Animal Shelter The charity with the most votes at the end of the month wins $500.00