TLC Open House had a great turnout!

The kennels were up the stockings were hung and the tree was decorated and ready for TLC's annual Christmas Open House.  We enjoyed greeting friends old and new, and we also had some great adoptions too!

Thanks to Karen Kittle who set up a beautiful hospitality table filled with goodies.  Karen also manned the phone and helped with meet and greets.  We also want to thank Annie Coleman, Mary Ann and Amy Lukas and Judy Kunkel who helped us out by  greeting folks who stopped by.  We also want to thank every one who came out to the Open House and left goodies for our furry friends.  All in all it was a great afternoon along with 13 adoptions!
We also want to thank Bob and Julie Klem for arranging for Santa Claus to make a stop at TLC, even though we know Santa is very very busy this time of the year.  He made a special trip just to be there for the dogs and cats at TLC and all the animal lovers that stopped by.


Pictures with Santa at Animal Clinic at New Lenox Decemer 6th & 13th

 Pictures with Santa:

When:  December 3rd

Where: the Animal Clinic at New Lenox, located at 1328 N. Cedar  
             Road in New Lenox

Time:   9:00 until 2:00.

 Monies raised will help the animals at the TLC Animal Shelter.

Bring your furry buddy for a great photo shoot, and bring the kids too, they can be included in the picture!


Thank you Karen!

A smiling Karen Kittle a wonderful TLC volunteer, who in her spare time enjoys making pillow cases, when she is not playing with her dogs, or helping at the shelter!  Karen took her show on the road and sold her pillow cases at a local craft show, making $400.00!  Karen took all of her proceeds and donated it to help the animals at TLC!  Thank you ever so much!


Please help us help this sweet dog UPDATE!

Donations needed to help this girl! This is a very sweet dog coming up on transport this Saturday. She is a mixed Golden Retriever, who as you can see is a very happy dog! Good with kids, good with other dogs and only about 1 1/2 years old. She did have a rescue that was going to take her Until they found out she was HW+. She was scheduled for euthanasia this Saturday, but we couldn't see that happen to such a sweet dog so we stepped in to rescue her and have her treated. If you would like to help us help her, any donation of any size would be greatly appreciated. To make a donation you can go to our PayPal account. If you make your donation as a gift no fees will be taken out by PayPal.

UPDATE:  We want to thank everyone who made contributions to help pay for Allison's heartworm treatment.  She has undergone her treatment and is going to her forvere home.  Thank you one and all and good luck Allison!


Bow Wow Bingo sold out on line and at the shelter

Bow Wow Bingo tickets are sold out on line and at the shelter!  There may be a few left for sale at the door, and those will be at a first come first serve basis.


Please stop at your ATM if you are coing to adopt

We are having major probelms with our credit card machine after the storm the other day.  They sent out a new machine but it does not work.  Long story short, until we can get the situation straightened out, we cannot take credit or debit cards.  We do accept cash and we will accept a check with adequate identification, or stop at your ATM before coming out to adopt.  There are several ATM's close by the shelter if you need one.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thank you Microsoft Team

Thank you goes out to the wonderful Microsoft Team for their generosity and labor.    On such a cold rainy day they came out and planted the front garden at the shelter.  They came bearing flowers, bushes, birdfeeders, solar lights, wind chimes, planters, and garden ornaments to spruce up the front.  They spent several hours making a delightful garden out front for all to enjoy and make the shelter look more attractive and inviting.  It wasn't any small task as they moved and cleaned off flagstone, prepared the ground and planted numerous ornamentals.  A big than you goes out to each of you for all the time and effort you put in.  You guys rock! 



A Golden Paw goes out to Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and NW Indiana Troop 70121

A Golden Paw goes out to Grisl Scouts of Greater Chicago and NW Indinan Troop 70121 for raising $200.00 to help the animals at the TLC Animal Shelter.  This money will help with vet bills on the animals.  Thank you girls for a great job and such a generous gift, it will certainly help out


UPDATE RIVER ADOPTED River is being sponsored by Rene Krebs

Rene Krebs is sponsoring River in hopes of helping him find his forever home.  River is a Collie mix who is 5 years old.  He is a very nice dog, who is good with children and other dogs.  He is housebroken and well behaved.  He will make a wonderful addition to any family.



Coming in on 5/3

Coming in on transport 5/3,  ETA 2:00  Lots of cuties in need of a loving home.  Pictures to be added as confirmations are made so please keep watching.  The love of your life might just be on board!


A Golden Paw Award went to Dania Sweis

For Dania Sweis 10th birthday, she asked that in lieu of birthday gifts, things be gotten for the animals at the shelter.  A Golden Paw Award goes out to her.  Dania shared some of the goodies with River who is awaiting adoption. Thank you!


Thank you Tracy Lesmeister for a Wonderful evening and for raising $3,700.00 to help the animals at TLC

We want to thank Tracy Lesmeister for hosting Comedy for the Critters for TLC.  The evening eas a huge success and everyone had a great time.  Ana Belavel, Pat Tomasulo and Mike Tommey had everyone laughing so hard that some people had tears rolling down their cheeks.  It was a great evening and we want to thank Ana, Pat and Mike for doing such a great job bringing down the house.  We also want to thank the Microsoft team for volunteering their time to make sure everything ran smoothely and helped raise money for the shelter selling the 50/50 tickets.  We also want to thank the American Legion.  Speaking for myself, I had a blast!  Tracy went through a lot of work to put this event on to help the homeless critters at TLC. Are you ready for this?   Tracy raised $3,700.00 for the shelter!!!  WOO HOO!  Thank you so much Tracy, you did a great job, and the money you raised will help a lotof animals.  We also want to thank everyone who came to the event to help support the shelter!


A Golden Paw goes out the the preschool Studens at Shepherd of the Hill Preschool

A Golden Paw Award goes out to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool for the donation they made to the shelter. The 50 children age 3 to 4 years old raised
$309.42 in their penny drive that they held.  This is not the first time they held the drive for TLC, but I think this year they raised the most moey ever!  Good job guys!


Roxy and her pups need help

Roxy and her pups need help!  We just found out today that Roxy is HW +.  She came in on transport Saturday along with her 6 puppies.  You can see in the picture of Roxy and her puppies, they were living in pathetic conditions.  As a matter of fact the pups were so starved as was Roxy that we found sticks and straw in their stools.  The pups were also filled with parasites, that in their weakened state claimed the lives of 3 of the pups.  The remaining 3 pups are on IV's and everything possible is being done to save them, but it is still touch and go.  Any donations to help with their medical expense and Roxy's heartworm treatment would be greatly appreciated.

We want to thank Catherine Herman, Sally Wagner, Rhonda Humphrey, Jason Grunnmun, Kimberly Lovati, Jean Helt, Sue Kwatt, David and Cassie Warner,  Dawn Aguilar, Rosemary Webster, Judith Tierney, Luanne and Mark Gawron and Raquel and Randy Melendez for donations to help with their care.

UPDATE:  Roxy's pups are much better now.  Pictured below is the Hernadez Family with Roxy.  Cassie in the powder blue raised money from her birthday in order to help Roxy.  It appears that Roxy is giving Cassie a kiss, her way of saying thank you for helping me and my puppies!

UPDATE:  Roxys' pups finally well enough and all thre have gone to their forever homes!  WOO HOO!

Roxy has begun her treatment for HW


TLC's BOW WOW BINGO a big success Thanks Tracy!

TLC's BOW WOW BINGO was a huge success.

Thank you for making this a sell out event!    A special thanks to Tracy Lesmeister for putting the event together and  for all her hard work, and also to Tuccker's Doggie Delights and Trader Magazines for sponsoring the event.  We want to thank all the volunteers that helped make everything run smoothly and to everyone who came.  All in all it was a good night and the grand total the event made was $2,607.00!  Thank you again Tracy!



Golden Paw Award for Chris Norris and Daisy Troop 749

A golden paw goes out to Chris Norris for raising over $40.00 to help the animals at TLC and also for all of the supplies he brought in!  Thanks Chris!

We also want to give a Golden Paw Award goes out to Daisy Troop 749 New Lenox for the supply drive they held at school and collected from family and friends.  They also  donated $60.00 to be used for the care of the animals at TLC.  Thank you!


This weeks video star Sunshine

This weeks video star is Sunshine, who is sure to bring a smile to your face.  He is hoping to find his forever home soon.  Sit back and enjoy!


A video tour of TLC Animal Shelter and What we are all about

This is a video tour of TLC Animal Shelter that was done by Sandi O'Brien, a few year back. Sandi did a great job of portraying what goes on at TLC.  It shows you all around the shelter and some of the things we do and what we are all about.  We hope you find this interesting.  Enjoy!

*Note the kennel area shows our old cages not the ones we have now


Golden Paw goes to Homer Glen Scout Troop

A Golden Paw goes out to Scout Troop for Homer Glen for donating supplies and food and monetary donations for TLC.  Thank you!


A Golden Paw goes out to Shea Vance

We wish to award a Golden Paw to Shea Vance pictured on the right.  Shea has held Christmas parties at her home and invited her friends to celebrate.  In return she requested that each friend bring something for the animals at TLC .  Thank you so much!

Transport 1/25 IS RUNNING LATE dp to weather

There is a transport coming in on 1/25  and here are just a few of the animals that will be on board and looking for their forever home

Becasue of the weather and some vehicle problems the transport is running lste.  ETA was 2:00 but we think it will be a hour or so later.  We still have many dogs, cats and puppies at TLC already there awaiting adoption so don't let the delayed transport keep you from stopping by.
The transport drivers are angels the first picture is last night when they started out and you can see how bad the roads are this morning that they are driving through.  It takes a lot to bring these animals up in order to save their lives!