Short times outside are fine but for long periods in severe cold animals are subject to frostbite just like you and I

Short periods outside are fine during this cold streak we have been having but remember animals are subject to frostbite just like you and I. 


Before they run out we still have some TLC Favorite Pets 2014 Calendars Available

The TLC 2014 Favorite Pets Calendar is filled with over 100 pictures of the great pets that were entered in this years contest. 
 If you love animals, you will enjoy this calendar.
  The calendars are $15.00 each and all the money raised helps the animas at the shelter


Golden Paw Award goes out to Kiah Jurgens, Tess Diamond and Shane Haas of St. Dennis School and also Lani Decicco. We also want to give a big round of applause to Hadley School for the school wide supply drive they held

For their great project at St. Dennis School 7th graders Kiah Jurgens, Tess Diamond and Shane Haas sold ice cream sandwiches at lunch!  The trio made $344.00 to help the animals at TLC.  Thank you ever so much!
Lani Deccico had a food and pet supply drive for the critters at TLC.  Thank you for helping our furry friends
 We also want to give a big round of appause to Hadley Middle School in Homer Glen.  They had a school wide supply and food drive for the shelter.  We want to thank the teachers and faculty for their caring and generosity!


Tribute to Animal Shelter workers & volunteers & those that support these efforts

Sandi O'Brien made this video a few years ago for TLC, and this time of year seems so apropos to replay it, as it is as true today as it was then.  So many animals have been saved because you saw the need and you showed you cared!

When you watch this video remember YOU are a very important part of these efforts to save the lives of so many animals!  Beautiful companion animals that have no way out, there wouldn't be any future for them, if we didn't step in to help.  YOU are the backbone of these efforts!  Without your support we could not do what we are doing to save so many animals here and those coming from remote areas where adoptions are few and far between.  YOUR caring and generosity has enabled us to help abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and dogs, receiving the care that they need while awaiting their forever homes.  Thank you seems so little to say for all that YOU have done, but I am sure when you watch this video, you will realize how important you are to every animal that has been saved.......


Pictures with Santa 12/14 at Animal Clinic at New Lenox

Pictures with Santa are available from 9:00 until 2:00 at Animal Clinic
at New Lenox located at 1328 N. Cedar Road, New Lenox this Saturday 12/14.
All proceeds to help the animals at the TLC Animal Shelter.


This weeks video Stars


These little dolls are full of love and oh so playful!  Enjoy watching their antics!  There is only one female and that is the little black pup, she is a real cutie pie!