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The New Year is almost here and we all need calendars.  Here's your chance to get one of the cutest calendars around.  Not onlyare  the 12 winners of TLC's Favorite Pet's contest (pictured on the calendar cover)  over 160 other contest entry photos are included!  There are only a few left so stop by the shelter and get yours now! Only $15.00 each and the money made off each calendar helps an animal at TLC!



Lola sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Lola, a female shih tzu.  This little girl has limited vision.  She is a sweet lady and would love to cuddle with you.


Sydney sponsored by Marge Tolstych

Marge is sponsoring Sydney, a young female beagle.  She has had a hard life so far, and is hoping for a nice family to change her luck around.


Happy ending for Onyx

I wanted to send you a long overdue note to update the story of Onyx, formerly “No Name 300”. A woman had found him and, after putting up flyers and trying to find his owner, no one claimed him. He was then brought in as a stray.

My husband and I decided to visit the shelter in April 2010. There were several kittens on the website, but when we arrived we found out they all were taken. We figured while we were there we would see who else needed a home.

While looking at all of the cats there, one decided to yank on the leg of my jeans. He was in one of the lower cages and just couldn’t wait to be noticed! We knew we had to see more. We took him to the interaction room and he was so loving. He jumped into my husband’s lap and gave him a little head butt. Then he came over by me and gave rubbed my face. We knew this was the one and took him home that day.

Onyx was a little skiddish the first couple weeks, but he has settled in nicely. He is very playful and enjoys being the "king" of the house.

Attached are a few pictures of Onyx. The first one is when we just brought him home and the next few are of him having fun.

Thank you so much for all you do and taking such terrific care of these animals. Onyx has brought us great joy and is a wonderful addition to our family!!!


Golden Paw awarded to Girl Scout Troop 523

A Golden Paw goes out to Girl Scout Troop 523 from Lockport who brought in a bunch of food and supplies. They really made a haul!


Dogs and puppies arriving Wednesday 6/1

This pup and several other dogs will be arriving Wednesday from Vermillion County shelter.


Golden Paw awarded to 4th - 6th grade Nelson Ridge School

The 4th through 6th grade at Nelson Ridge Middle School in New Lenox donated a bunch of supplies for the shelter.  The student council held a drive and here are their names: Tommy Denniger, Connor Blair, Briana Alvarado, Lizzy Buehler, Eric Ullian, Drew Dalton, Aaron Kazda. Golden Paws to each of you!


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 5/28

This male poodle mix is one of several dogs and pups arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.

Golden Paw awarded to Students of the Month

A Golden Paw Award goes out to 4 Lemont High School students who were named Student of the Month for all of their hard work. In honor of their achievement, Mr. Grcevic at Lemont HS donated to non-profit organizations of the students choice. These 4 students all named TLC, and $100.00 was donated on their behalf. The students are Brian Hostert, Alena Pranckevicius, Angelica Kociolek, Gianna Letizia.


Hailey sponsored by Kathleen Ward

Kathleen is sponsoring Hailey, a friendly and spunky spayed female toy fox terrier. 

Golden Paw awarded to Troop 201 and Troop 262

The Scouts in Troop 201 and Troop 262 from Homer Glen and Lockport donated lots of supplies and $10.00. They are awarded a Golden Paw for helping the animals.


Sally sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine is sponsoring Sally, an adorable little female chihuahua. 
A tiny sweetie with a great big heart that will certainly give you lots of love.


Golden Paw awarded to Cassidy Tiberi 

Cassidy had her own lemonade stand to raise money for Chasey's Heartworm treatment. She raised $13.75. Chasey says THANK YOU!

Happy ending for Sylvi

I came in last Saturday 5/7 with my 6 year old daughter and adopted the 6 month old Chihuahua, she arrived 5/7 to the shelter. The nice people there said her name is Sylvie, they think she is about a year old instead of 6 months. I wanted you to know how much we love her and will cherish her forever. She is a wonderful part of our lives and are so thankful for her. Could you please write on the web page that she is adopted so that everyone knows she has a home.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,
Mindy McKegney

dogs at TLC 5/13/11


6 great kids help Chasey!

Cassidy Tiberi , Alex Alvarado, Briana Alvarado, Tommy Denniger, Paige Bailey, Margaret Fishbeck

These 6 kids had a lemonade stand to raise money for Chasey's Heartworm treatment.  They raised $50.00. 

Chasey says THANK YOU!

cats at TLC 5/13/11

Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday August 27th

There is a transport of several dogs and pups and a cat arriving Saturday 8/27 from shelters where their time is up.  ETA 2:15


Max sponsored by Casey Carter

Casey is sponsoring Max, a big cuddly saint bernard mix.  He is house trained and good with everyone.

Chasey needs your help

Chasey has tested positive for heartworm.  She is a sweet young girl and loves everyone and everything.  Please help her live a long and happy life.
Donations for Chasey's heartworm treatment would be greatly appreciated.

cats at TLC 5/6/11

dogs at TLC 5/6/11


Latest Pawprints News now posted

The spring 2011 issue of the Shelter's quarterly newsletter,  Pawprints,  has been posted for viewing.


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 5/7

Houston is one of several dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Golden Paw awarded to Lemont Library Teens

Here's a Golden Paw for the Teens who participated in the Lemont Library read-In on Saturday April 16th. They raised $442.00!

Golden Paw awarded to Melissa Yozze

Melissa Yozze held another prom garter mission to raise money for TLC.  She makes the garters and the kids from Lemont High School that were going to Prom buy them.  This year $175.00 was raised.


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 4/30

This pretty chihuahua/terrier mix is one of several dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.


Golden Paw awarded to Girl Scout Troop 70545

A Golden Paw goes to Girl Scout Troop 70545 from Lockport. These great girls donated food, treats and money. Thanks for caring!


pups arriving Thursday 4/21

Perky will be arriving Thursday, along with some basset mix pups and 5 other mixed pups.  There will not be a Saturday transport.


Bertha funds running low! Can you help?

Funds are desperately needed for the Bertha Fund
(named after the sweet dog pictured below with an advanced stage of heartworm)  

We have several animals that are receiving more extensive medical care at the shelter presently.  We are doing all we can to help them all but this takes money, and the Bertha Fund needs a boost.  WE want to help as many as we can but sadly it takes money to do so.

Can we count on you? 


Clover & Betsy sponsored by Janine Carter

Betsy, a female Cattle dog.
From the time I saw she needed rescue I looked at that sweet face and just knew she is going to be a devoted dog for some lucky person.  She has the most soulful eyes!  Take another look at this pretty girl, and think about giving her a chance.

Clover, a lovely female cat.
I would like to sponsor Clover, who is a real sweetie.  Having 3 legs is not a problem for her at all.  She can get along just fine, and she will be purrfectly content to be your best buddy.


4/16 transport EARLY!!!

Today's transport is at TLC, so come in any time to meet the new dogs (& Clover the cat)!


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 4/16

Murphy, along with his sister Maisy and his Momma Maya, will be arriving Saturday, along with other puppies from shelters where their time is up.


Happy ending for Leela (formerly Sugar)

Around Christmas of 2010, I found out my landlord would allow small breed dogs in my apartment and immediately began my online search. I found the TLC video featuring “Sugar” and proceeded to watch it several times each day until I could get my husband out to the shelter. As soon as we met with her, we knew it was a good fit. We love Leelaʼs sweet, humble, and calm demeanor. She has adjusted to a lot of changes very well, including Chicagoʼs Snowmaggedon (picture included). Sheʼs met a lot of the neighborhood dogs and kids at the park, and she continues to impress us with her great behavior. Leela hardly ever makes a peep in our apartment and spends most of her time cuddling with us. This is our first pet together, and she has made the transition very easy!

Thank you so much!

David and Allison


Happy ending for Seymore

I couldn't help but show you how relaxed our newest member of our family is. We couldn't be happier that we have him and totally recommend that anyone looking for a pet should adopt from Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter. He just makes us smile!

Dorene Rice

Dogs arriving friday 4/8

Crank is one of several dogs arriving Friday from Clay County Humane Society, Brazil IN.


Happy ending for Rufus

We adopted Rufus two years ago, during the frigid month of January. My oldest daughter had recently moved out and had taken her dog with her. Our German Shepard was sad and was missing his brother. When we came in we immediately fell in love with Rufus. We were told that Rufus and his human were homeless. His human had realized this was not a good situation for Rufus and loved him enough to offer Rufus the chance to live with another family. We were told that Rufus was accoustomed to eating from the dollar menu at McDonald's. We were also told that at some point in his life someone had been mean to Rufus as his canine teeth were broken in half as if someone had kicked him. His name seemed to suit him and it was what he knew so we opted not to change it.

On the way home Rufus was very nervous. He trembled the entire way, with one exception, when we would pass a fast food restaurant he would perk up and go crazy, whining and barking. He could smell a burger place before we even saw it.

We are grateful to Rufus's owner for the decision he made. My youngest daughter loves him to pieces as we all do. Rufus is quite the character we have discovered. He likes to take things from you and then have you chase him to get them back. He is quite the snuggler in bed too. Rufus is quite the hunter as well. Since we have had him, he has brought me "gifts" of squirrels, birds, and oppossums. He also likes to sneak into the garden and make it his own salad bar. Recently we discovered another thing about Rufus. He loves red carnations. We have no idea why or if he even knows that they are red, but he is crazy about them. This past Valentine's Day, my daughter was given one at school. She brought it home and placed it on her dresser. Rufus would sit there and stare at it for hours at a time. We wondered what it was about this flower, or would it be any flower. We bought some other flowers and he wasn't interested at all. One of life's little mysteries that we will never know the answer to I suppose. I have attached a picture that shows him staring at the flower.

Our beloved German Shepard, recently passed away from cancer. Rufus is taking it very hard, he won't go outside alone, he keeps looking for his brother to join him. He walks around the house looking for him. We plan on returning to TLC to find another family member.

Again, thanks to Rufus's previous human for loving him enough to give him up and thanks to TLC for the wonderful job they do helping families grow!



Willy Cat & Zippo sponsored by webmistress

 Willie Cat and Zippo came to the shelter because their former owner passed away.  These two little creatures through no fault of their own are alone in the world and missing their mom and in need of some kind soul to adopt them.


Golden Paw awarded to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool

A Golden Paw goes to Shepherd of the Hill Preschool.  The students and faculty held "Pennies for Puppies" and raised $109.00!  They have done this for several years.


Ramie sponsored by Sharon Kadlec

Sharon is sponsoring Ramie, a beautiful female mixed sheltie.  She is a sweetheart!


Dogs and puppies arriving Saturday 4/2

This sweet little chihuahua mix is one of several dogs and puppies arriving Saturday from shelters where their time is up.