Glenn Caudell is sponsoring Enterprise a female Coonhound that was brought up on the Freedom Ride along with her puppies.  Enterprise is about 2  years old, good with children and other  dogs.  She is housebroken, and will make a great forever friend.  Check out her video and see what a gentle loving dog she is
Bonnie Atkinson is sponsoring Mama Dog, a mixed Boxer and Pit Bull 2 years old.  She and her pups were left to starve in a filthy home, where the owners moved out and left Mama and her pups.  She is sweet as can be.  She is housebroken and good with children and seems to be good with other dogs.  She has been so well behaved at the Shelter.  We know she will make a devoted companion.


This is abolutley Beautiful

How important is the Freedom Ride, from no hope to a loving tomorrow with a family shoe loves her.  Enjoy and know that your donations have made many happy endings like this, but I don't think we have had any beautifully done as this one is.  A real love story



Feeling grateful! Our TLC peeps are the best - thank you for adopting, sending much needed items from our Amazon list, donations and your continued support. You all help us make a difference to our critters!


6 year old Brettney Feigel wanted to help the animals at TLC, so she raised money by selling stickers that she made. She donated $17.20 to help the dogs and cats. Thank you Brettney


They need our help. We want to thank Jean Helt, Sherry Spencer. Laura Creighton, Diane Endebak and Dr. Cindy Endebak for sponsoring Alex and Sammy

These two little guys have not had a very good life and they are just a year old.  They already have scars and w few wounds and the one poor little guy, needs eye surgery to repair or most likely remove his right eye that has suffered a severe injury,  Anything you are able to donate will help in getting them the medical care they need.  Thank you

UPDATE:  Dr. Cindy Endebak performed surgery to remove this little guys eye and also neutered him. Her Mom, Diane Endebak wanted to be part of this team effort to help this little guy. Her husband James Endebak had been a staunch supporter of TLC for years and Dr. Cindy and Diane wanted to continue in James Endebak's memory what he had done for years to help the animals.
We also want to thank Jean Helt,Sherry Spencer and Laura Creighton for their donations to help this little guy and his brother. Working together we can change the lives of these animals one life at a time!


A Boy and his Dog a Happy Ending because of the Freedom RIde

This family waited so patiently for Zilly to arrive.  Zilly we were told was a very quiet dog who seemed reserved and depressed, but the staff where she was worked with her, and said she became quite the meet and greet girl.  Knowing that we asked that Zilly be put on the Freedom Ride so she could find her forever home.  As you can see from the picture it was love at first sight.  Zilly may not have had a chance like this in the overcrowded shelter where she was at.  Your donation to the Freedom Ride Fund can help dogs like Zilly find their forever homes.  We hope we can help other animals make that freedom ride so they can feel the love that Zilly has found in her forever home.


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads out there from their kids whether it be 2 legged or 4 legged


This weeks video star is Lucy

Lucy is adorable in every way.  She is spayed and declawed and a real people pleaser.  Come meet her and be prepared to fall in love.  Enjoy!


Please help the Freedom Ride Fund

Your donation to our Freedom Ride Fund are very important to so many animals...animals that may never have a second chance if they didn't get on board the Freedom Ride in order to make it here to TLC.  Lilly a sweet 3 legged mama dog and her 2 pups are just part of the group of animals that will be able to make it out.  $20.00 helps one animal find it's way to a loving forever home.  If you would like to help, you can make your contribution on line or phone it in to 708-301-1594 (which is the shelter's number)  Thank you for helping to give them hope!


This weeks video stars are Dixie and Reggie

Meet Dixie, a female pit bull mix.  She is so sad, her pups have found a home, and she just sits and waits.  She watches other dogs find their forever homes, and wonders if there is someone out there who will want her and love her!

And this is handsome Reggie a N/M orange tabby who is in need of a forever home.  He is very genlte and loving.


A special thanks goes out to the Members of the Lockport Township HIgh School

We wish to thank the Members of the Lockport Township High School National Honor Society for the generous gift they made to the TLC Animal Shelter.  They raised $1,000.00 to help the animals at the shelter.  We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of these young people.


This weeks video star is Ginger

Adorable Ginger is this weeks video star.  She is up for adoption and as you can see a real delight

TLC Paw Prints

If you would like to get the quarterly TLC Paw Prints newsletter just mail or via PayPal or Network for Good send in $20.00 to cover the cost of printing and mailing costs.  We would be more than happy to add you to our mailing list.  If you make a payment on line please note that it is for PawPrints


A Golden Paw goes out to Girl Scout Troop #60333 from Tinley Park

A Golden Paw Award goes out to Girl Scout Troop #60333 from Tinley Park for their contribution of supplies and their dues, in order to help the animals at TLC.
Thank you!


Thank you Dawn for setting up this Amazon link for TLC


Click this link which will take you directly to Amazon to see the things the shelter needs.  You can purchase these items right on line and have them sent directly to the shelter.  We want to thank Dawn Trubiano for setting his link up for us