Photos from TLC's Cosmic Bowl

A fun time was had by all.  Here's Volunteer Annie Coleman collecting donations.


Dogs arriving 2/27

Here are a few that will be arriving Saturday, from shelters where their time is up.

beagle/chihuahua mix
shepherd/golden mix
chihuahua mix


VIP Meeting 2/20

TLC's VIP meeting at the shelter 10 AM

Dogs & pups arriving 2/18

Some of Thursday's arrivals: 

Litter of shar pei/chow mix pups
2 black lab mix pups
boxer mix female
rottie mix female
beagle mix female

Puppies arriving 2/20

Here are a few of the puppies that are coming to TLC on Saturday, rescued from shelters where their time is up.


Update on Jasper's happy ending

We are so thankful for him in our lives every day!  He is a very spoiled dog, but he deserves it and we love him very much.  We couldn't imagine life without him!


Dogs and pups arriving 2/13

These dogs are being transported to TLC from shelters where their time is up:
several border collie mix pups and other mixed breed pups
golden/collie mix


Leia's Happy Ending

 Thank you for giving me the chance to bring this wonderful little girl into my life! When we got her from you she had just come from a transport. We were awaiting her arrival! When she first got out of her carrier she was shaking, terrified and frankly we could not let her go back into a cage, so we brought her home. There was a note in the paper work that she was nippy with kids and we have 2 little ones, but being that she is small we decided to give it a try. While she does nip, it is only in play. Right now I am watching her chase my 4 year old who is holding Leia's ball and laughing non stop. My children adore her and she clearly adores them. Even my 1 year old who has grabbed her ear more than once. I cannot imagine why anyone would have given her up. She has fit in perfectly with my other pets too. She came potty trained and does many tricks! All the hard work was already done! She is very agile so I have to watch her very close! She can jump and climb just like my cat (which we also got from you)! She flys over the 4 foot baby gate like it is not even there. I wonder if she did not escape her last home as I see run across the railing of my deck! I am going to have to get creative to contain her, but I will be sure to keep her safe. She was my dog instantly. She follows me every where and I think she knows she is home at last! Thank you so much for this new member of our family! We are greatful!

To anyone reading this that is considering getting a dog please give a shelter dog a chance!


Only 82 Cosmic Bowling Tickets left

Dine on delicious fried chicken, pizza, mostaccoli, and sides. Hurry & buy your tickets now!


90 bowling tickets left - great raffle prizes

You could win:
Silver Lakes Country Club round of golf 
Dewalt 18 v XRP Tool Combo Kit 
Mario Tricoci 1 hour Swedish Massage
2 Tickets to 7 Bridges Cinamark theater


In Loving Memory of Annie

 My name is Colleen Schoffstall we got a dog from your shelter about 16 years ago. The dogs name was Annie she was cocker spaniel mix. She was 11/2 years old. We were to be her 3rd owner. My husband Tim and 2 girls just loved the dog when we got her. She was fully trained. Annie was a great dog she loved the kids and protected them. She even would train the cat we had to not do a bad habit. All we had to say was bad kitty and she would go after the cat. She did not hurt the cat she would either gently move her out of the way or jump over the top of the cat back and forth several times but never hurt her. Our female cat Gabby and Annie got along well together. We did not buy the cat from you but wished we did.

Annie was the perfect dog for our family. Our youngest was 3 when we got Annie. The girls grew up with Annie. Even though she was not a big dog the kids in the area always would ask does she bite or were afraid of her. But she never bit them. She went after a raccoon when we were camping, the size of her or little bigger. We were able to get her to back down. Well, we had many great memories of good times with Annie.

Then about week or so before Thanksgiving 2009 Annie had to be put to sleep. She was by that time hard of hearing, arthritis in her hips or legs, and had cancer. She was ready to be put down; when we went to the vet she was already not eating dog food and very little people food. The vet when she was weighed said she lost between 4 and 7 pounds, not sure exact amount. The last walk out side the vets office someone came up, said what a cute dog but she looks tired and she did even the fact she sleep a lot. So that made me realize for sure it was time.

Annie would have been 17 years old this January 2010. I miss her but I'm very grateful for time our family had with Annie. We had almost 16 years with her. I really want another dog but with our daughter having a cat in the house (not Gabby new one) not sure how the cat would react. So we may wait but will come to your shelter for our next dog. Thanks for having such a wonderful dog Annie in the shelter.

Thanks again,

Colleen Schoffstall

TRANSPORT 2/6 arrival 3pm

The weather is causing all sorts of problems with today's transport of dogs to TLC.  The latest news we have is that the dogs will be arriving around 3pm.  Please call the shelter for updates.


cats at TLC 2/5/10

dogs at TLC 2/5/10

Latest editions of TLC Paw Prints & Shorty's Shelter Mews

You can view the Winter 2010 shelter newsletter online.

TLC Paw Prints News

Shorty's Shelter Mews


Romeo sponsored by Janine Carter

Janine Carter is sponsoring Romeo, a neutered male pekingese.
 He is such a good boy, very well behaved and LUVable!  He is going to make some lucky person or family a very wonderful companion.  I am sure he would just love to sit beside you on the couch and watch the Super Bowl!


UPDATE: dogs arriving 2/5 & 2/6

We have a few more dogs scheduled to arrive on Saturday, and some puppies that will be arriving Friday.  The puppies should be at the shelter before 2 pm.   The details have not been finalized as of this posting. 

Weekly Wish

  • We have plenty of rugs and bath towels now for the dogs to lay on, thanks to your generosity.
  • The dogs would like puperoni or other semi moist dog treats.
  • We need bleach and pine sol lemon scent cleaner.


Chihuahuas galore arriving 2/6

These dogs are being transported from a shelter where their time is up.  They will be arriving Saturday around 2 pm.

Several chihuahuas, chi mixes, rat terriers, lab mix pups, beagle mix.

UPDATE: 2 more dogs arriving 2/3

These are scheduled to arrive Wednesday: 

Bandit, a small neutered male chihuahua
Annie, a mediun sized female shepherd mix


UPDATE: dogs & pups arriving 2/3

A few changes to Wednesday's arrivals:

Charlie is a male terrier mix that ended up in a shelter because his owner had to move to an apartment.  He is well cared for and sweet natured.
Wally & Burt, boxer mix pups, are looking for new homes

117 sold, 111 Cosmic Bowl tickets left

Get your tickets before we sell out!

Solle & Diesel sponsored by Sheri and Cheryl

Sheri & Cheryl are sponsoring Diesel, an adult male boxer mix, and Solle, a male mastiff mix. 

Dogs & pups arriving 2/3

These dogs will be arriving on Wednesday 3rd, weather permitting.  There may be changes in the list, so check here for updates.

Litter of 8 week old JRT/lab mix pups, young male shepherd mix, young male retriever mix, male boxer mix pup, small adult terrier mix, & more.